Definition - What does Warrant mean?

A warrant is an authorization issued to a law enforcement officer or agency by a judicial officer. It allows law enforcement to perform an act required for the administration of justice that would have been otherwise considered illegal or in violation of individual rights. Warrants are issued for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons include detaining someone and conducting a search on someone's propert.

Justipedia explains Warrant

Most jurisdictions forbid law enforcement officers and agencies from violating an individual's rights by conducting unreasonable and non-specific searches, arrests, and other acts except in certain scenarios. In the United States, law enforcement officers and agencies require a probable cause for acts like conducting a search or arresting someone. Only when probable cause is established does a court issue an authorization for conducting such acts. This authorization is called a warrant. There are different types of warrants. The most well known warrants are: arrest warrant, search warrant, warrant of execution, and warrant of delivery.

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