Divorce Mediation

Definition - What does Divorce Mediation mean?

Divorce mediation is a method of divorce in which a couple tries to negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement agreement with the help of a mediator. It is a frequently used as an alternative to the formal process of a divorce court. The mediator is a neutral third party that is hired by the divorcing couple to help them resolve important issues such as property distribution and child custody.

Justipedia explains Divorce Mediation

In the United States, couples that are getting a divorce can opt for either the formal process of a divorce court or choose mediation. The mediator only helps the parties develop a mutually acceptable divorce settlement; it is not the mediator’s job to resolve issues between the parties or to force an agreement upon them. The parties can approach the mediator either directly or through their attorneys. After the mediation process ends and the agreement is drafted, it is submitted to the court for approval. If the judge agrees with the settlement, it becomes part of the official divorce decree after the dissolution of the marriage.
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