Absentee Landlord

Definition - What does Absentee Landlord mean?

An absentee landlord is a landlord who does not live on or otherwise occupy the real estate property that he or she uses to generate rental income. An absentee landlord could live across town from his or rental property, or a thousand miles away. All that is needed to be an absentee landlord is to own real estate for rental purposes, and to live on a property that is separate from this real estate.

Justipedia explains Absentee Landlord

An example of an absentee landlord would be a man who lives in Oregon and owns a rental property in Montana. He may use the property in Montana to rent out to tenants to generate income. It is common for absentee landlords to own more than one rental property as well. Sometimes corporations will even own hundreds or thousands of rental properties. The properties could be rented to businesses, or to individuals who need a place to live.

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