Grounds for Divorce

Definition - What does Grounds for Divorce mean?

Grounds for divorce refer to the regulations that specify the situations under which a married couple can be granted a divorce. Fault and no-fault are the two broad classifications of grounds for divorce. In the United States, each state has set its own grounds under which a couple or a spouse can seek a divorce.

Justipedia explains Grounds for Divorce

In order to grant a divorce, the law requires some kind of proof or reason to explain why a marriage is ending. Grounds for divorce are basically the reasons why a couple or a spouse is seeking a divorce. The reasons fall under one of two categories: one or both of the spouses committed some kind of fault or they mutually consent for a divorce without either party being at fault. In the United States, the grounds on which a spouse or couple can seek a divorce vary from state to state. Additionally, some states allow a divorce to be granted only if the couple has lived apart for a considerable period of time; other states do not have a separation requirement.

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