Comparable Worth

Definition - What does Comparable Worth mean?

Comparable worth is the notion that jobs requiring similar skills, education, and responsibilities should receive equal pay. Race, gender, age, and other differences should not be determining factors for wages according to this concept. Supporters of this concept believe that only the economic value of the work provided should determine the wages. "Pay equity" is synonymous with comparable worth.

Justipedia explains Comparable Worth

Under the concept of equal worth, male-dominated careers such as construction work and female-dominated careers such as nursing would receive the same exact pay if the skills, education, and responsibilities for each career were deemed to be equal. There are a number of laws that were passed to attempt to make wages more fair across different groups; the Equal Pay Act of 1964 is one such act. Comparable worth continues to build steam as a movement; however, the free market still largely determines the wages across different industries

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