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Product Liability Lawsuit

Definition - What does Product Liability Lawsuit mean?

A product liability lawsuit refers to a lawsuit where the plaintiff is suing a person or entity who sold or manufactured a product, and the product in question injured the plaintiff in some manner in which is deemed inexcusable in the eyes of the law. Product liability claims are usually reviewed under strict liability. This is a subsection of civil law known as tort law.

Justipedia explains Product Liability Lawsuit

Generally, there are three instances where a product liability lawsuit will arise. The first instance is where the product is improperly manufactured. This is known as a manufacturing defect. The second instance is where the design of the product itself is flawed. The third instance is where there is a failure to warn the operator of the product of some danger pertaining to the product. In the majority of product liability lawsuits, the plaintiff usually only has to show that the product was defective in some manner.

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