Definition - What does Amenity mean?

An amenity is a desirable feature of a real estate property. In the context of the law, lawsuits can result if an owner of a piece of real estate is blocked from enjoying the amenities of that piece of property by another party. The thwarting of amenity enjoyment reduces the value of the property to the owners and this is why lawsuits can ensue.

Justipedia explains Amenity

Amenities can dramatically impact the value of a property. For example, a particular view in New York City or access to a particular beach can have a strong financial implication for the value of the property. If, for some reason, a property owner is being thwarted from enjoying the amenities that accompany the property, this can result in a lawsuit.

For example, a person who constantly pollutes a pool, which is meant for all condo owners in a condominium complex, could face a lawsuit.

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