Definition - What does Visitation mean?

Visitation is the term that is placed on court-granted visits between a non-custodial parent and his or her children after a divorce or separation has occurred. Visitation is not a definite right and can be issued for any varying length of time or within any share of time between parents and their children. The term is granted to the non-custodial parent, as it has been deemed that any time spent between the child and the non-custodial parent is on a visiting level only, regardless of length of time spent. Visitation can be for an hour, a night, or an entire season; it is any distinguished length of time recognized and ruled favorable by the court.

Justipedia explains Visitation

Visitation usually carries strict terms and regulations with it. Commonly, the length of time is definite, and if the non custodial parent breaches the time limit, then they can be held in contempt of court or even be held for kidnapping. The parent undertaking the visit has a responsibility to provide a safe environment for the child as well as meet the child's daily needs while he or she is in their care. It can be ruled that a parent cannot engage in certain types of behavior or frequent certain establishments during the course of a visitation. Visitations can also be supervised by the court representative in cases where it is unknown if a threat to the child exists from spending time alone with the non-custodial parent.

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