Building Code

Definition - What does Building Code mean?

A building code is the written set of legal requirements, set out on both federal and state levels, which dictate the way in which buildings must be built. The code includes minimum standards for placement, size, electricity, plumbing, and basically every aspect relating to building a home or other building. Permits that confirm all codes have been adhered to in the building are required to be gained by builders throughout the construction process. If the codes are not properly adhered to, the builder will be forced to fix it or tear it down entirely, and would be liable for large monetary fines as well.

Justipedia explains Building Code

It is the property owner who will be held liable for any breach of the building codes, but if they can show that it fell to their builder or another subcontractor who did not complete their part of the job within the specifications, they can sue the builder for the related problem.

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