Administrative License Revocation Hearing

Definition - What does Administrative License Revocation Hearing mean?

An administrative license revocation hearing is a court hearing designed to hear cases relating to when a person who is allowed a restricted or conditional license at a prior hearing or other release contingent on another interaction such as rehabilitation classes. The purpose of the administrative license revocation hearing is to bring light to the fact that a person has not complied with the terms of their court sentence. If the case is proven to be true, then the allowances ruled in favor of the defendent in the first hearing will be rescinded.

Justipedia explains Administrative License Revocation Hearing

A normal consequence of an administrative license revocation hearing is a person's ability to drive at certain times and for certain reasons will be revoked in its entirety. It is also possible that a jail sentence will be issued at the hearing. These hearings also take place when a person who is court ordered to undertake regular urine tests for the purpose of establishing that the person remains drug and/or alcohol free either refuses to take the test or fails the test. In such instances the case is referred back to the court and a new hearing date is set to enter into court record the changes and new terms that are a result of the failure to comply.

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