Alcohol Education Program

Definition - What does Alcohol Education Program mean?

An alcohol education program is a court-designated class that people convicted of a drug- or alcohol-related offense are often required to comply with as part of a rehabilitation program. For example, a person convicted of drunk driving or driving while intoxicated may be required to take classes that explain the effects of drugs and alcohol, both in relation to physical health and to society at large. These classes vary in length of time, as a judge rules for each case. It is not uncommon for the alcohol education program classes to require a urine test each class.

Justipedia explains Alcohol Education Program

If a defendant does not finish a mandated alcohol education program, then a custodial sentence is usually imposed. The alcohol education program includes individual and group counseling; this is provided in an effort to help the offender understand the implications of alcohol and drugs at every level of interaction between him/herself and society. If the counselor who is giving the alcohol education program does not feel that the person has progressed within the program or has not had any beneficial change through attendance, then the instructor can advise the judge and recommend a different course of action be taken.

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