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Definition - What does Encroachments mean?

Encroachments refer to a situation in property law where one individual violates the property rights of another person, usually a neighbor, by taking a claim to the neighbor’s land in some manner. An encroachment is usually caused by accident due to there being no definitive marker of where one person’s land ends and another person’s begins.

Justipedia explains Encroachments

A typical encroachment occurs when a person who buys a plot of land without a fence decides to stake off his or her property with a fence. In order to make sure that the fence is in its property place, a surveyor should be hired to determine exactly where the fence should be laid. When a person does not do this, it is common for him or her to encroach onto their neighbor’s property. Furthermore, even when a surveyor is called upon, sometimes the surveyor can survey the land incorrectly, therefore causing an encroachment.

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