Commercial Vehicle

Definition - What does Commercial Vehicle mean?

A commercial vehicle is a vehicle classification that is used to refer to vehicles that are used in the daily running of a business. The requirement for a vehicle to be classified as commercial is that it is used for and essential to the operation of a business. This can include employee vehicles, all vehicles that are used on a job site, and those that bring employees to the site for work.

Justipedia explains Commercial Vehicle

Special laws exist for the use of commercial vehicles. Some laws regulate the time of day in which they are allowed to operate. There are also laws surrounding the length of time that any one person is allowed to drive a commercial vehicle continuously to ensure that safety on the roads is maintained as best as possible. The advantage of being classified as a commercial vehicle is that insurance costs and other mandatory payments, such as motor tax, are lower. Depending on the size of the commercial vehicle and the use it is intended for, extra fees can be charged by the state government and local municipalities for extra wear and tear on the roads. These fees are commonly charged to vehicles with a much higher weight than a personal vehicle and vehicles that have a higher level of daily use.

A common example of a commercial vehicle is a semi truck or a lorry.

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