Community Service

Definition - What does Community Service mean?

Community service is a corrective punishment that is offered through the court system to people who are convicted of low level crimes in lieu of jail time. Types of community service include cleaning the community of debris, entry-level building and landscaping, and creating art around the community. The amount of time that is served through community service varies based on the type of crime committed and upon the convicted person's criminal history. The idea behind community service is that it is unpaid work that benefits the community in which the person committed the crime.

Justipedia explains Community Service

In many places, the type of community service that is assigned is based on the crime committed; for example, if a person is convicted of littering then they may be given community service to pick up trash and other debris around the community. However, the type of community service assigned to an offender depends on the type of work available and, in some instances, the return of a background check. It is hoped that, through the assignment of community service orders, there will be a lower rate of habitual offenders. Often times, a community service sentence is accompanied by physical restrictions placed on the person, such as probation, in an effort to regulate the convicted person for a set length of time.

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