Price Range

Definition - What does Price Range mean?

A price range is the range between the high price and the low price of a given item over a specific period of time. Price ranges are often used in reference to stocks, securities, and even homes. However, they are also used for other types of property. People use the price range to try to help them figure out whether or not they can afford the item.

Justipedia explains Price Range

An example of a price range would be a stock that traded between $20.00 and $40.00 per share over the period of one year. In this case, the price range would be $20.00 to $40.00. An investor may use this price range to help him or her figure out if the stock is right for him or her to purchase. Sometimes people also try to wait until a given item reaches the lower end of its price range before they buy. For example, real estate investors may try to wait until a house approaches the lower end of its price range before they buy it.

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