Definition - What does Radon mean?

Radon is a toxic gaseous substance than can cause harm to the human body upon significant exposure. Radon has no odor or color. The gas is considered to be radioactive because it is created by uranium atoms breaking down over a long period of time. Radon can be a subject of lawsuits if a person is poisoned by it in a home or a place of business.

Justipedia explains Radon

There are many substance that can cause harm to the human body if they are inhaled. These substances can include particles, poisons, gases, etc. Radon is just another one of these toxic substances. If a person's exposure to radon is bad enough, then he or she can sustain significant health damages. If a party is found to be at fault for the radon contamination, then they can be held liable. This could result in large sums of money being owed to the victim.

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