Urine Test

Definition - What does Urine Test mean?

A urine test is an analysis of a sample of a person's urine to determine whether or not the person has any number of substances in their system. The most commonly employed urine tests are done in conjunction with probation or parole terms particularly when a person has been convicted of a drug or alcohol related offense. The process of testing urine is referred to as urinanalysis.

Justipedia explains Urine Test

A urine test can be employed at the request of the police or through a warrant for the purpose of determining if a person was under the influence of either drugs or alcohol, or both, at any specific time. This is often done when an accident occurs or when a person has been pulled over for drinking and driving and refuses to submit to a breathalyzer. They are commonly employed as a tool of probation and allow parole officers to monitor whether a person has committed an offense while on parole or probation. Drug and rehabilitation service centers routinely use urine tests to determine what substances their clients are on.

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