Civil Lawsuit

Definition - What does Civil Lawsuit mean?

A civil lawsuit is a legal action brought in a court of law as a way to resolve a dispute between two or more parties. Any lawsuit that deals with non-criminal wrongdoings is considered a civil lawsuit. In a civil litigation, the party filing the lawsuit (plaintiff) alleges the wrongdoer (defendant) of causing injury and demands equitable or legal remedy for the damages suffered.

Justipedia explains Civil Lawsuit

Law is divided into two broad categories: civil law and criminal law. While criminal law regulates social conduct by punishing the individuals who engage in criminal activities, civil law deals in resolving private disputes between two or more parties. All non-criminal suits are classified as civil lawsuits. In a civil lawsuit, a plaintiff claims to have been harmed due to the wrongful action of the defendant(s) and seeks monetary compensation for the harm caused or may ask the court to order the defendant(s) to stop engaging in the activity that's causing harm. In some cases, the court also grants other kinds of relief like declaring the legal rights of a plaintiff involved in an insurance coverage dispute.

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