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Definition - What does Disfigurement mean?

Disfigurement refers to when an individual experiences a permanent change to his or her body that leaves observable scars and affects the individual's appearance to the outside world. Typically, if an individual can prove that another person's negligent or intentional actions caused the disfigurement, this can lead to substantially higher damages being awarded to that individual.

Justipedia explains Disfigurement

Some general types of disfigurement include rashes, excess of tissue, loss of motor functions, changes in skin pigmentation, lacerations, scarring, and amputation. Common scenarios that would cause an individual to experience disfigurement can include slip and falls, motorcycle or car accidents, dog bites, fire or chemical spills, surgical errors, workplace accidents, burn accidents, acts of violence, and premise liability cases. Generally, when a court determines whether to award an individual with disfigurement damages, the court looks at the age of the individual, the location of the injury, the sex of the individual, and the embarrassment to the individual as a direct result of the disfigurement.

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