Gross Negligence

Definition - What does Gross Negligence mean?

Gross negligence refers to a legal concept that describes a person who is careless to an extreme extent. In other words, gross negligence is a lack of care that demonstrates a reckless disregard for the safety and lives of others, or even their property. Although gross negligence pertains to a form of negligence that exceeds simple inadvertence, it is just shy of acts that are intentionally evil in nature.

Justipedia explains Gross Negligence

Gross negligence may be best understood in relation to "ordinary" negligence - compared to ordinary negligence, gross negligence is just more extreme. While ordinary negligence is the mere failure to exercise reasonable care, a person who is grossly negligent has fallen so far below the exercise of reasonable care that their act actually warrants the label of being "gross." If the trier of fact (judge or jury) finds that a person has been grossly negligent, it may result in the award of punitive damages on top of general and special damages.

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