Definition - What does Lawsuit mean?

A lawsuit refers to a judicial proceeding between two or more conflicting parties that is traditionally resolved by the court. A lawsuit is introduced by a first party in the hope of compelling a second party to do the first party justice. A court generally makes a ruling on a particular lawsuit based on the law of that jurisdiction.

The United States judicial system recognizes two main types of lawsuits: civil and criminal.

A lawsuit is also, although rarely, known as a suit in law.

Justipedia explains Lawsuit

A civil lawsuit arises when one person, who feels he or she has been wronged, brings a lawsuit against another person or entity. In some cases, there will be more than one plaintiff or more than one defendant. If a person is successful in obtaining a judgment for their lawsuit in a civil case, that person is typically awarded monetary damages.

A criminal lawsuit arises when the government legally accuses a citizen of breaking that jurisdiction's laws. The plaintiff, usually the state, is represented by the government and the defendant is charged with a crime against society.

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