Definition - What does Slander mean?

Slander refers to the act of defaming someone orally by making false statement(s) against them. While slander and defamation are commonly used interchangeably, the United States legal system differentiates between oral defamation and written defamation, which is called libel. An individual can file a civil lawsuit claiming defamation if subjected to slander.

Justipedia explains Slander

When someone says or speaks something that is not true and does so with the intention of defaming someone else, it's called slander. In the United States, an individual can take legal action this if he or she is subjected to groundless criticism or if someone makes a false claim against the individual. Slander is not considered to be a serious charge, and it's very hard to prove charges of slander against someone else. Written or pictorial defamation is called libel and, unlike slander, is considered a serious offense.

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