Voir Dire

Definition - What does Voir Dire mean?

Voir dire is a French phrase that means 'to see to speak.' In the United States, it is used to refer to the process of questioning prospective jurors by a judge and attorneys in order to determine if a juror holds any bias or can’t deal with any issues related to the case in an objective and fair manner.

Justipedia explains Voir Dire

Voir dire can have slightly different meanings in different jurisdictions. All of its meanings are connected, in some way, with jury trials. In the United States, voir dire is a process through which attorneys reject certain jurors in a case by determining if the juror is biased, can’t be objective, or is otherwise unfit to serve as a juror. The other causes may include having any kind of relation with the concerned parties, attorneys, witnesses, judge, previous knowledge of the facts, a history of having been sued in a similar case, etc.

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