Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)

Definition - What does Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) mean?

An administrative law judge (ALJ) is an official who presides over an administrative hearing to resolve disputes between a government agency and individuals affected by the decision of that agency.

The most well-known use of ALJs is within the Social Security Administration (SSA). A claimant who is denied Social Security Disability benefits by the SSA can appeal the decision by requesting a hearing before an ALJ.

Justipedia explains Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)

The SSA provides disability benefits only to disabled individuals who satisfy the eligibility criteria. A claimant who is denied disability benefits by the SSA can make a request for reconsideration of the denial. If the SSA denies the request for reconsideration, the claimant can request a hearing before the administrative law judge in the hope that they will appeal the decision.

Administrative law judges working for the SSA preside over the disability claims hearing. The decision by an ALJ in a Social Security Disability claims hearing is based on the medical work record of the claimant and testimony from vocational experts.

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