Absolute Estate

Definition - What does Absolute Estate mean?

An absolute estate is a piece of real property that a person has complete control over and legal rights to. In other words, a person who has an absolute estate does not have any conflicting claims of ownership on the property that could cause him or her to lose control over it. Instead, he or she is the undisputed legal owner of the property.

Justipedia explains Absolute Estate

Often, there can be conflicting claims of ownership on a property. For example, if a man passes a vacation house on to his sons in a will, and one of the sons tries to sell the house without telling the other one, this could cause a problem. The reason is because the second son may still have an ownership claim on the house, even if the first one sells it to someone else. Many people hire professionals to make sure that they would be getting an absolute estate before they buy property.

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