Closed Period

Definition - What does Closed Period mean?

A closed period, in the context of Social Security, refers to the period of time in which a claimant was eligible for receiving disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) before becoming ineligible to continue receiving those benefits. The closed period starts with a claimant's onset of disability and ends when the claimant is able to perform work that can be classified as substantial gainful activity (SGA).

Justipedia explains Closed Period

A claimant must go through a lengthy process before he or she is awarded disability benefits by the SSA. In many cases, the health of a claimant improves while the SSA is determining if the claimant is eligible for receiving disability benefits. In such cases, the SSA may determine that the claimant is ineligible for future disability benefits but that, at some point during the process, the claimant was eligible for receiving those benefits. That period of eligibility is called a closed period. To be eligible for receiving closed period disability benefits, a claimant must have suffered from total disability for at least 12 months. The application for receiving closed period disability benefits must be filed within 14 months after the disability ended.

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