Disability Advocate

Definition - What does Disability Advocate mean?

A disability advocate is any individual who represents a disability claimant in pursuing their claim for disability benefits. This term is commonly used to refer to individuals the U.S. Social Security Administration technically calls representatives or claimant representatives. A disability advocate can be a lawyer or non-lawyer.

Justipedia explains Disability Advocate

Under the Social Security Act, Titles II, XVI and XVIII, every disability benefit claimant has a right to be represented by an attorney or any other representative while pursing their claim. The individual who represents a claimant is technically called a claimant's representative by the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA). A claimant's representative is also commonly known as a disability advocate. A disability advocate helps simplify the process of applying for Social Security disability benefits for a claimant. When a claimant's disability claim is denied by the SSA, it's the disability advocate's job to prepare the claimant's case for its hearing in front of the administrative law judge. If the claim is still denied, it is sent to the appeals council.

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