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Disability Claims File

Definition - What does Disability Claims File mean?

A disability claims file refers to the file containing a claimant's medical records and other relevant information used to substantiate the claimant's disability. The disability claims file is used by a Disability Determination Services (DDS) claims examiner while evaluating a claimant's eligibility for receiving Social Security Disability benefits.

Justipedia explains Disability Claims File

The U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA) prepares a file for every claimant who applies for Social Security Disability benefits. This file is commonly referred to as a disability claims file. It contains medical records and other relevant information used to provide evidence of a claimant's disability. The file may include things like notes from the treating physician, medication records, episodes of decompensation, etc. This file is sent to the Disability Determination Services (DDS) claims examiner and is used to evaluate the claimant's eligibility to receive disability benefits under Social Security. If the disability claims file lacks information, the disability examiner will schedule the claimant for a consultative examination by a DDS physician.

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