Representative Payee

Definition - What does Representative Payee mean?

A representative payee is a person who is designated by the United States Social Security Disability Administration or United States Supplemental Security Income Administration for the purpose of receiving money on behalf of a disabled person who is not capable of handling their own finances due to their disability.

Justipedia explains Representative Payee

People eligible to obtain a representative payee are those who have a severe disability, but not a severe enough disability as to require them to receive permanent hospitalization. A few examples of such persons would be a person diagnosed with a learning disability or a person diagnosed with a mental disease such as schizophrenia. However, not all persons on disability with a learning disorder or schizophrenia are required to have a representative payee. Many people with those diagnoses are perfectly capable of handling their own finances. The representative payee is not required by law to act as the disabled person's guardian, but the representative payee is required by law to help with the disabled person's finances.

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