Bair Hugger Blanket

Definition - What does Bair Hugger Blanket mean?

The Bair Hugger Blanket is a warming blanket used to stabilize the body temperature to a constant 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit for patients who are undergoing surgeries involving knee implants, hip implants, artificial heart valves, and other high risk orthopedic surgeries. The Bair Hugger Blanket is also commonly used for individuals who are suffering from exposure and hypothermia.

Although the Bair Hugger Blanket is so popular it is currently used in approximately 90% of all surgeries, there have been some reports that this product may be disrupting the air flow systems within operating rooms which sterilize the air and prevent contaminates from entering open incisions and causing infections. Recent reports indicate the Bair Hugger Blanket may pose the greatest risk for patients who are undergoing joint replacement surgeries.

Individuals who have suffered injury from the Bair Hugger Blanket have filed individual lawsuits against the manufacturer claiming the manufacturer was negligent and should be held liable for selling a defective product.

Claimants also claim that the manufacturer engaged in reckless activity when they did not test the product prior to market release, they did not include adequate warnings with the product, they misrepresented the effectiveness and safety of the product, and they continue to sell the product despite warnings that it can increase the risk of infection.

Justipedia explains Bair Hugger Blanket

Created in 2002, Bair Hugger Blanket is now manufactured by a subsidiary of 3M. Between 2002 and 2009 updates were made to the air filtration system of the Bair Hugger FAW blowers which made the device more dangerous.

Given the recent concerns about the safety of the product and the increased risk of infection, the inventor of Bair Hugger devices urged 3M and Arizant to recall the product. As of yet, 3M has refused to make product updates to improve the safety of the Bair Hugger Blanket.

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