Alvin Wolff Jr.


I've been in this profession now for 34 years and it's all about helping people get their lives back on track. There is a lot of injustice out in the world and while my firm cannot fix everything that's wrong with society, we can and do help our clients. Besides getting you compensation for your harms and losses, we place a big premium in terms of compensable damages for lost mobility. If you've been really hurt and you've lost something that you love to do, we know that is worth a lot to you. If your mobility has been compromised and you cannot get around we realize getting you money for your lost wages and medical bills is just the beginning. We have the wisdom, the know how and the empathy to make your working with us a pleasent and memorable experience. Take a look at this web site's testimonal pages and see the scores of satisfied clients who recommend our services based on their experience and results.


1034 S. Brentwood Blvd. Suite 1900
St. Louis , Missouri , 63117
United States

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