Andrew M. Weisberg

Defense Attorney

Andrew M. Weisberg firmly believes that our criminal justice system can only work as long as everyone has the right to an assertive defense. Defendants are innocent until proven guilty, and judges and juries need to fully understand the defense before they can reach an educated verdict.

When you work with Mr. Weisberg, he will look closely at the details of your case in order to fight for the best possible outcome. In some cases, he may be able to prove that there were mitigating circumstances that the prosecution left out. In other situations, he may be able to prove that evidence was obtained illegally and therefore can’t be used against you in court. In still other situations, he may be able to prove that the prosecution just doesn’t have a strong case against you and that the criminal charges should be dropped entirely.


20 N Clark Street
Suite 2200
Chicago , Illinois , 60602
United States

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