Barry Scheck


Barry Scheck’s more than thirty-five years of trial successes have earned him a national reputation. Barry’s criminal and civil trials have redefined and expanded the rights of victims of police misconduct and wrongful convictions throughout the United States.

For example, Barry represented George Rodriguez, who spent 17 years wrongly imprisoned for rape, in his civil rights trial against the City of Houston. Barry proved that when a Houston Police Department Crime Lab serologist fabricated evidence against Rodriguez, causing his wrongful conviction, he was not acting on his own. Rather, the fabrication of evidence was part of a persistent, widespread pattern of forensic misconduct at the Crime Lab, caused by systemic and deliberate failure to supervise crime lab personnel under pressure to obtain convictions at the expense of reliable science. As a result, Barry obtained a rare civil rights verdict holding the City of Houston itself responsible for Rodriguez’s wrongful conviction.


99 Hudson Street,
New York , New York , 10013
United States

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