Carl E. Chioini


In a world where less than 1% of all cases go to trial, Mr. Chioini is one of few attorneys that maintains a regular trial practice and stands by the position that attorneys willing to conduct trials remain at the apex of bargaining position on behalf of their clients. While Mr. Chioini has maintained a diverse practice over the years, which includes civil litigation, probate matters, and business representation, he has become widely known and recognized for his considerable expertise in the area of family law and divorce, specifically complex domestic matters requiring business valuations/shareholder distributions, or other intricate property division scenarios within the divorce realm…During his years of practice Mr. Chioini has literally conducted thousands of trials and hearings related to family law matters, both pre and post-judgment. These matters have involved a wide spectrum of issues from derivative and shareholder disputes within a divorce action to international child custody matters. Mr. Chioini’s approach to domestic matters is a no nonsense approach woven together with an astute ability to resolve matters by creating unique solutions to unique matters. He further believes that no two legal matters are alike and spends a great deal of time with clients to understand their positions and concerns and to assist them with their legal road map.


14 First Street
P.O. Box 46875
Mount Clemens , Michigan , 48046
United States

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