Debra Vermillion


Debra Vermillion is a highly experienced litigator who has tried over 200 criminal and civil cases in her 28 years of practice. As a state prosecutor Vermillion was involved in many aspects of criminal law. She prosecuted many high profile cases including the prosecution of notorious serial killers Richard Grissom and Glenn Ford; She headed the Drug Unit and participated in prosecutions of individuals involved in white collar crimes such as forgery.Vermillion's experience as a prosecutor is the foundation for her role as a formidable defense attorney who is not afraid to try a case if the facts merit such an approach. Vermillion's expertise is broad. Vermillion has defended Manslaughter, Federal Drug Conspiracy cases, State Drug cases, White Collar cases, Driving Under the Influence cases, traffic tickets and a multitude of other cases involving different criminal offenses. Vermillion has experience at the Federal, State and Municipal Court levels and wishes to help you with your criminal law issues.


5330 College Boulevard
Leawood , Kansas , 66211
United States

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