Donald L. McCune, Jr.


There but for the grace of God goes me, my brother, or my daughter. People accused of crimes have rights that need to be upheld, not only by their attorney, but by the government as well, and the system only works if there is a balance on both sides. I am wary of the vast power of the government in criminal matters, and it is the crowning achievement of my professional life to have gained the unique perspective of participating in the justice system both as an advocate for the government and for criminal defendants. In theory, both sides strive for the same goal – equal justice under the law. In practice, defending against the power of the government is much more difficult, and thus much more rewarding, than wielding it.

As lawyers, we often meet our clients at their darkest moments. Our job is to shine a light—on overlooked facts, on helpful resources, on legal rights—and help to lift that darkness. It is work I feel privileged to do.


15 Prioleau St.
Charleston , South Carolina , 29401
United States

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