Elizabeth Overmann


The innocent and injured need help fighting the corporate bullies and insurance companies because they are not in good hands or being treated like a good neighbor. In fact they are being struck with mayhem by the insurance company and not receiving the help, compensation and justice they need and deserve. I have devoted my legal career to fighting for the little guy by representing real people and not the powerful bullies that they are faced with. I go into Court to fight the insurance company on behalf of our clients, but also on behalf of all innocently injured victims.

Our legal system is set up for injustice, public misunderstandings and unfair fights as innocently injured North Carolinians are forced to file lawsuits and go into Court under a shadow of misrepresentations. Lawsuits are required to be filed against individuals rather than the insurance companies although it is the insurance company that is hiring attorneys, fighting the lawsuits and ultimately paying the jury verdicts, judgments or settlements in most cases. The corporate bully gets to deny claims or refuse adequate compensation and then walk into Court hidden behind the named at fault driver, manufacturer or other party and even have their lawyers argue that the innocently injured are seeking recovery from the individuals. The fight is not fair. The jury is misled and that is why we pick up our sword and go into battle for justice. Our juries are members of the community who, no matter their background, race, religion or profession get to have an equal voice and vote for the little guy. Each juror is important and has a say about how things are done in their community, particularly how the little guy is to be treated and that the corporate bullies are not going to be tolerated. The jury is the conscience of the community with a voice strong enough to be heard by the big insurance companies, because next time, it may be them, their family, or you sitting in that courtroom as the innocent victim. Verdicts are messages of hope and justice for the little guy. The money recovered is used to cover medical expenses, lost wages, physical pain, mental suffering, attorney’s fees, costs and countless other effects suffered by the innocent.


280 South Mangum Street
Suite 400
Durham , North Carolina , 27701
United States

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