Glenn A. Slate


Like Scott Ashby, I too grew up on a farm. My wife jokes that I was raised in the 1800s, as our old victorian home was heated with wood we spent half the year chopping and our cows were fed with hay we hand cut. Putting food on the table was a year-long task in which all of us played a part. I can trace most of my values from growing up in a close knit family. My father and I milked cows side by side as he gave me great advice and taught me hard work, integrity and character. I also learned about the value of teamwork as I watched my father's eight brothers show up to raise a barn, or comfort loss experienced in the family.

After graduating from the University of Massachusetts, I earned a Master’s of Psychology at University of West Georgia. There, I gained an even better understanding of people and their relationships and I discovered my passion for the law. I recognized my ability to understand and help others could be used in a courtroom, leading and managing a stressful process that has lifelong impact. So I headed west and attended Lewis and Clark College of Law in Portland. I knew then, that helping families was important to me. Working as an intern, I defended hundreds of families who had lost their children to the state.


8900 W. Tucannon Avenue
Kennewick , Washington , 99336
United States

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