John G. Witherspoon, Jr.


John worked as a dairy farmer for seven years and worked for another Dayton law firm for three years before Freund, Freeze, and Arnold. John enjoys studying the American Civil War and has been to many Civil War battlefields a number of times. He also likes to read Latin classical works and translates Latin every day. In his spare time, John translates Latin poems. For example, John is translating the Agricola by Tacitus. Cicero once defended the Poet Archias in a case in which the ostensible issue was whether he was a Roman citizen. The case was really about one faction in Rome wanting Archias out of town because he wrote superb poems of praise for the other faction. Poetry was a major form of PR in ancient Rome. In his argument to the jury, Cicero said "Quaeres a nobis, Grati, cur tanto opera hoc homine delectemur. Quia suppeditat nobis ubi et animus ex hoc forensic strepitu reficiatur et aures convicio defessae conquiescant." [You seek from us, Gratius (the prosecutor), why we delight in such works or in this man. It is because he nourishes us when the soul is remade from this forensic noise and the ears, wearied from the courtroom, grow quiet.] In addition, John taught in the Paralegal Program at Sinclair Community College from 1994 to 1997. John has a passionate belief in hard work, reads a lot, and constantly likes to learn new things.


1 South Main Street
Fifth Third Center, Suite 1800
Dayton , Ohio , 45402
United States

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