John T. Martin


John T. Martin is proud to be a trial attorney who fights against powerful corporate and government interests on behalf of ordinary people. John represents clients who have been accused of criminal conduct, some of whom are innocent and others who have just made a bad decision. John also represents clients in civil cases, including those who have suffered personal injuries in a car crash, at the hands of a drunk driver, a doctor, a nurse, tripped and fell in a grocery store, or were mistreated at work because of their race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

John has won cases in front of juries and judges all across the Commonwealth. In his first civil jury trial, John achieved the highest award allowed by law for punitive damages. John has also helped to mediate and resolve many cases, working hard to help his clients get the best possible outcome, whether that is money damages, entry into a treatment program instead of jail for clients suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, or a suspended or lesser jail sentence.


10 Tremont St,
6th Floor
Boston , Massachusetts , 02108
United States

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