Kathleen M. Carter


Kate proudly displays pictures of the Illinois state capitol and the U.S. Congress on her walls in her office at Quinn Johnston. She attributes her interest in government and law to the influence of her grandfather, a former county board member and lobbyist who also worked in the local tax assessor’s office. “He not only had fascinating stories about the people he met in local politics, but he collected pins and memorabilia from past elections—the campaigns of President Nixon or Governor Ogilvie, for example—that always inspired my imagination.”

During her college years at Marquette University, Kate worked as a government affairs assistant part-time in Milwaukee and summers in Washington, D.C., where she began to develop an admiration and respect for the practice of law. Many of her coworkers were lawyers, and she saw first-hand how lawyers and lawmakers impact people’s lives. She took a year off after finishing college to work with special needs children and then, citing the influences of her grandfather and her time in D.C., she enrolled in law school at Michigan State University. She completed her degree in 2013, graduating in the top 15% of her class, and passed the Illinois Bar Exam that summer.


227 NE Jefferson
Peoria , Illinois , 61602
United States

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