Kevin Ward


After graduating from Emory University School of Law, Kevin established a reputation based on high profile courtroom experience. During his first three years of practice, he successfully defended a Georgia-based national firm against the Trump organization in Donald J. Trump v. Positive Concepts, Ltd. He then represented Paulette Holyfield in Evander Holyfield's first divorce. These significant early cases established the direction of Kevin's unique practice, complex and high-profile civil litigation.

As a partner at Schulten Ward & Turner, Kevin has represented clients in complex business and commercial cases from coast-to-coast. His recent work includes numerous commercial property disputes with total disputed values of several hundreds of millions of dollars in a number of states. Recent work includes patent infringement cases in Chicago and Atlanta with potential impact on billions of dollars of international annual trade, and disputes which will impact who will ultimately lead the commercial development of Jekyll Island. He also represented over 150 witnesses in U.S. v. Kaplan, the infamous "Gold Club" trial, defended the $39,000,000 Nemnon v. Conti dispute in the Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York, and the $78,000,000 case of Mitsubishi v. Cardinal Textiles.


260 Peachtree Street, N.W.
# 2700
Atlanta , 30303
United States

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