Lance Hester


Lance Hester has had the privilege of representing a variety of victims of sexual abuse, medical malpractice and drivers’ negligence. His results are a reflection of the hard work he puts into each of his cases, including working with his clients to prepare for all aspects of the discovery process. His goal is that every client is confident to advance to the next step of litigation, whether it be depositions, paperwork, or even trial testimony.

Lance also is a strong advocate for protecting his clients Constitutional Rights. He protects those accused of DUI’s and takes care of their Department of License (DOL) licensing hearings as well. His trial experience spans from Murder to misdemeanor trespass. With his experiences comes an eye for legal issues that often time result in filing motions designed to make sure the playing field is as fair for his clients as possible. Sometimes this restricts the extent of the evidence the opposition is allowed to introduce at trial, and at other times is has resulted in complete dismissal of charges. It is the pursuit of justice and fairness to his clients that motivates Lance.


1008 South Yakima Ave
Suite 302
Tacoma , Washington , 98405
United States

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