Nina Daly


Nina Daly is an experienced attorney in all areas of federal and state criminal defense handling both misdemeanors and felonies. Ms. Daly is well-versed in cases relating to drug or alcohol charges. She devotes much of her practice to representing citizens accused of driving under the influence of alcohol both in court and at the administrative hearing with the DMV. Ms. Daly also has significant experience in representing clients accused of possessing or distributing narcotics. Additionally, Ms. Daly is dedicated to representing minors charged with juvenile offenses. The juvenile justice system is very different from the adult system, and Ms. Daly is committed to helping minors, and their families, navigate this sensitive arena. Ms. Daly has a strong background in civil and administrative law which makes her extremely effective in the representation of our clients in the civil or administrative cases which often accompany a criminal case.


888 West Sixth Street
Los Angeles , California , 90017
United States

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