William S. Smith

Of Counsel

Practicing as Smith & Kramer, P.C. and Of Counsel to Bradshaw, Fowler, Proctor & Fairgrave, P.C.

Bill is Of Counsel to the Bradshaw Law Firm and was previously a senior partner in another Des Moines law firm. His background includes practicing as a C.P.A. for a major accounting firm and a smaller firm here in Des Moines following his graduation from college and he has practiced law actively for 35 years. Bill practices primarily in criminal and administrative defense work related to business and employer issues including environmental compliance (EPA), criminal and civil tax defense, Medicare and Medicaid issues, money laundering, structuring, fraud allegations as well as Qui Tam actions. In addition, a substantial portion of his practice involves business related issues for, primarily, large agricultural operations.


801 Grand Avenue
Suite 3700
Des Moines , Iowa , 50309
United States

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