Child custody is a sensitive, complicated area of family law that involves issues such as the divorce/separation itself, different kinds of custody, visitation arrangements, paternity tests or decrees and, of course, the best interests of the child.

If you find yourself dealing with a child custody case, you’ll need to do extensive legal research to ensure that you achieve an outcome in which the rights of everyone involved—you, your child(ren) and your former partner—are upheld.

With that in mind, we’ve created this list of the top child custody law feeds to follow on Twitter. It’s based on data culled according to content, follower/following ratios, frequency of tweets, blog popularity, the opinions of other child custody experts and influencers, as well as our own subjective judgment.

Note that some influential voices are not included, either because they don't have active Twitter accounts, or because they only tweet about child custody sporadically. Here, our goal is to provide the best possible stream of child custody law news, analyses and insight.

Columbia Family Law
Provides counsel for families facing child custody concerns and fights to protect parental rights. Deals with visitation schedules, child support agreements, etc.

Cordell & Cordell
A family law firm dedicated to protecting fathers' rights and helping men in divorce and custody cases.

Dads Divorce
Run by the attorneys at Cordell & Cordell, this feed aims to support fathers in family law, child custody and divorce. Blogs at

DiPietro Family Law
Protects custody interests in divorce or disputes between grandparents, custodial parents or unmarried parents. Blogs at

Family Diplomacy FL
Practices exclusively in out-of-court dispute resolution, and encourages the use of the collaborative family law model in divorce, child custody, child support and other cases.

Jack Robinson
Jack is a child custody practitioner based in Texas, with over 30 years of experience as a family law attorney.

James V. Sansone
An attorney dealing with divorce, child custody modification proceedings, and other family law matters regarding custody or visitation rights. Blogs at

Kevin Hickey
A divorce / child custody attorney and defender of parents against Child Protective Services for false abuse allegations.

Landerholm Law, LLC
A family law firm that emphasizes negotiation and mediation. Provides counsel on protecting parental rights, pursuing post-divorce modification, and more.

Men's Divorce
Another subsidiary of Cordell & Cordell, Men’s Divorce provides resources dedicated to children and custody:

Merissa Grayson, Esq
Child custody lawyer with a focus on complex visitation matters and expertise in co-parenting & blended families. Blogs at

Morris Family Law
A family law attorney focusing on issues such as visitation, out-of-state child custody and domestic violence. Blogs at

Salvaggio Law Group
New Jersey child custody lawyers that deal with child custody and parenting time disputes.

Weinberger Law Group
Divorce attorneys providing family law representation for issues like child custody arrangements and visitation / parenting time. Blogs at

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