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he following is a post by Eric Balaster a friend of mine, he is the co-founder of Pure Nootropics, where he writes extensively on the subject of nootropics through his company blog. In the law profession, there is down time contrasted with extreme workloads. Some cases require late hours, clients call late at night needing assistance, and generally the profession can become quite tiresome. A lot of people in the legal profession are moving towards nootropics as a way of handling their stressful and demanding jobs. Nootropics are a special type of compound that help to enhance cognitive abilities. By improving memory, attention, focus, or even reasoning, these smart drugs can help lawyers to handle the rigors of the profession without falling off the edge. What follows is a great overview of nootropics for lawyers looking to improve their performance. Mental Fatigue Nootropics There are a lot of people who struggle with issues of mental fatigue, which explains the millions of people who drink coffee on a daily basis. However, there are methods of using coffee and other related stimulants to get a much better effect for your brain.

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