Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer

James Novak is an experienced DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney in Tempe Arizona, serving Phoenix-metro and East Valley Cities. As a former prosecutor he has a great deal of knowledge and seasoned litigator. For more than a decade he has practiced exclusively in DUI and criminal defense.

James Novak understands that good criminal defense attorneys tailor and build defense cases to present based on each client’s unique set of circumstances. He provides the same personalized service and solid representation for all cases, and works obtain the best possible outcome in every case.

Arizona has some of the toughest DUI and criminal laws in the country. In this blog, James discusses continually changing laws, trends and court case rulings. He outlines how laws and case verdicts and how they many impact the state and county.

In this blog you will also find specific laws, penalties, resources, and criminal defenses that might be used under certain circumstances in a DUI or Criminal cases. This blog includes in depth discussions related to all types of DUI charges, drug charges, assault charges, robbery charges, disorderly conduct, domestic violence, and many other types of criminal laws and offenses. Stay informed and subscribe to

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