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I've realized that before people come to see me, they have already consulted with numerous people "in the industry"--and most of the time, the information they receive is incomplete or flat out wrong. This is because the first person most people call is their real estate agents/brokers! Real estate brokers, though very knowledgeable about real estate, cannot give a complete picture. They are not licensed or trained to give advice on mortgage default, and people should never rely on their advice on how to handle mortgage default--no matter how trustworthy that person is. They generally have your best interest in mind, but real estate agents are simply not familiar with all your available options. Real estate agents can only offer to sell your home. Before you consider this option, call a lawyer! My advice to folks out there who are behind on their mortgage is to contact a debt relief lawyer. Most debt relief lawyers are also bankruptcy lawyers and most offer one free consultation. The sooner that you talk to a lawyer, the more options you will have. If you wait until the last minute, or weeks before the foreclosure auction, to see a lawyer, you will find that your options are unfortunately very limited.

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