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(1) How does one of the nation’s largest, most complex energy production companies end up in Chapter 11 — and how is it going to get out? (2) How did the largest LBO in history turn into one of the largest chapter 11 bankruptcies ever filed — and how can it be corrected? (3) What are the unique bankruptcy, business, and regulatory issues confronting EFH, its creditors, shareholders, and parties in interest, and how might they be resolved? As widely reported, EFH and its debtor-affiliates sought chapter 11 protection on April 29, 2014, placing $36 billion of assets under Bankruptcy Court supervision to resolve $49 billion in liabilities. This Webinar is produced by Beard Group, Inc. Beard Group publishes Turnarounds & Workouts, the Troubled Company Reporter, and the Troubled Company Prospector. Visit for a free trial subscription to one or more of Beard Group’s corporate restructuring publications. Beard Group also hosts the annual Distressed Investing conference in New York City on the Monday following Thanksgiving.

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